PHOENIX, ARIZONA: WWE Hall-of-Famer Billy Graham, popularly known as Superstar, is currently on life support amid a “myriad of very serious health issues,” according to his wife, Valerie. “Please urgent prayers needed for my husband. The doctors wanted to remove him from life support tonight. I refused,” she said in a statement.


“He’s a fighter and his will is strong even if his body isn’t. God is our hope,” she added, as per the Daily Mail. The wrestler has reportedly been dealing with serious medical problems over the course of two decades, the publication reported. A GoFundMe launched to help Graham and his family mentioned that the wrestler has not been at home for the past four months and has spent time either in a hospital or in rehab.


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What are Billy Graham’s health issues?

Graham began his decorated wrestling career in 1969 and made his WWE debut in 1975.  He won the World Heavyweight Championship in 1977 and was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2004 alongside Ventura and Sgt Slaughter. While his impressive bodybuilding career continued to rise, Graham also started using anabolic steroids. He once claimed to be “an innovator of steroid use” in the WWE, the Daily Mail reported. However, the athlete later did a public awareness campaign about the dangers of the drug.


The wrestler’s battle with health issues reportedly began nearly two decades ago. As per his GoFundMe page, Graham was admitted to the ICU of the Mayo Hospital for three weeks before checking into a rehab and returning to Mayo. He has been suffering from a major infection in his ears and skull alongside congestive heart failure, diabetes and hearing loss. An update on the page said it has four months since Graham has been away from home, spending time either at a rehab center, or in the hospital.

He reportedly lost 80 pounds due to lack of appetite and struggled with extreme weakness. The Osteomyelitis infection in his ears, skull and sinus cavity is reportedly his “greatest challenge.” Graham reportedly receives “strong IV antibiotics three times a day” to treat the infectious disease but has been left “completely deaf” due to the condition. In addition, he also underwent dialysis after “intermittently” suffering from kidney issues alongside having heart and lung concerns, depression as well as sores from being in bed for four months. Both Graham and his wife also contracted Covid in February.


GoFundMe for Billy Graham raises over $16,000

A GoFundMe was launched to support Graham and his family amid their difficult situation. “The financial situation has become dire as Insurance is only covering part of this treatment. His rehab copay care is costing $200 a day, out of pocket,” the fundraiser read, adding, “Unfortunately, both Wayne, and his wife Valerie, contracted Covid 2 months ago. And unfortunately In Valerie’s case she continues to struggle with what is now Long Covid and as a result she has had to extend her LOA, consequently this has left them with absolutely no income.”


“The emotional strain of not being able to visit her husband, due to Covid, along with the deep concern over his health as well as their financial difficulties is heart-wrenching and very stressful for them both,” the fundraiser continued. “Anyone who could find it in their heart to donate any amount, would be so greatly appreciated,” the page mentioned. “Thank you so much. Please help, and pray for the superstar to recover, and get back home where he belongs. God Bless you all, thank you. He is in the fight of his life,” it shared. The GoFundMe page raised $16,635 at the time of writing.

‘May God take care of you’

In the wake of Valerie’s update about Graham being on life support, social media users took to Facebook to send their prayers to the wrestler. “We are praying for your husband,” one user wrote. “Our Prayers go to BILLY GOD HAVE THE POWERS,” added another. “God bless you Billy may God take care of you immediately,” a third user commented.


“Praying hard for him and you,” one shared. “Prayers sent to the superstar kick out brother,” another mentioned. One fan wrote, “Been praying. But if there’s been no marked improvement for a while… it’s time,” while another said, “Prayers and positive thoughts being sent to you.”

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