A FEMALE bodybuilder reckons men who criticise her figure are just insecure about themselves.

Sophie Brewster, 26, is an IFBB Pro in their Wellness category and trains at least four days a week.

Sophie has worked incredibly hard for her figure


Sophie has worked incredibly hard for her figure
The bodybuilder has big competition plans


The bodybuilder has big competition plans

Though she largely receives positive feedback from folk, she’s always found it odd that strangers would have such an issue with the body of women they don’t even know.

The law student turned athlete, from Kinross, says: “I think the stigma that women have to be ‘small’ to be feminine is just outdated and sexist to be honest. 

“I think men who say things like this have their own insecurities. 

“Like what self secure man cares what a woman he doesn’t know looks like?

“I actually have had very very few comments like this myself.

“I do get a lot of ‘you looked better before.’

“And it’s always from men. But again I just think, happy people wouldn’t bother to write something like that, so it just makes me think that that person must be dealing with their own problems and I think that’s why it doesn’t get to me. 

“Anyone with a presence online will get some negativity anyway, from competitors to fashion models. 

“Some people just want to troll to try and bring others down.”

Sophie, whose big goal is to qualify for the Olympia, plans on competing again before early next year.

After initially entering the bodybuilding world in the beauty and fitness scene, she’s glad she made the switch to an area where looks are less important.

She adds: “I left beauty and fitness m and moved over to the Wellness category with the goal of earning my IFBB Pro Card.

“I was an amateur again but I didn’t care, this federation is bodybuilding, not a beauty pageant. 

“You’re judged on your physique, shape, balance and condition. The wellness class specifically is looking for a dominant lower body so big legs and glutes. 

“The upper is still developed but not to the same extent.”

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