Australia’s ‘Strength & conditioning (S&C) Coach / Powerlifting, Simon Bergner who is back in the country to help the nation’s ‘weights’ athletes in trainings.

Simon Bergner, a strength & conditioning (S&C) coach from Australia, is back in the country at the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) to work with athletes.

For the next six days, Coach Bergner will be working with athletes in weightlifting, powerlifting, para powerlifting, and bodybuilding, assisting them in training preparations.

This would be Coach Bergner’s third stint in the country, he was previously in-country to assist the ‘Para Powerlifting’ team during the Oceania Paralympic Camp.

“I was only here a few weeks ago doing some technique advice, coach mentoring, and some programming principles. I look forward to progressing all that we have already worked on over the last few times I have been here.

“We will also do some more programming principles and progressions leading into the competition, some nutrition pre and post-training, and also some technique advice. So, looking forward to the next six days,” said Bergner.

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